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ORF Marker

ORF Marker is a simple but very useful plugin. It could be used in two ways:
  • To annotate selected parts of DNA sequence with ORFs of appropriate minimum length.
  • To find maximum ORFs in sequence annotations and save them as annotation properties.


    Main ORF Marker window

    Running ORF marker for a group of sequence
    annotations (features)

  •  Announcement
    Febrary, 17, 2006
    Find ME 1.0 plugin released.
    Search and predict LTR mobile elements in DNA sequences.
    April, 10, 2005
    The site is lauched!
     News & Events
    September, 29, 2005
    ORF Marker plugin updated to version 1.1.
    GenomeBrowser 1.1 version compatible.
    September, 29, 2005
    HMM Search plugin 1.1 released.
    GenomeBrowser 1.1 compatibility + bugfixing.
    April, 24, 2005
    The first version of HMM Search plugin released
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