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Project goals
This project is aimed to create free bioinformatics applications that
  • Visual
  • Interactive
  • Multiplatform
  • Incapsulate fast and optimized algorithms
  • Simple in usage, open source and free

    Today we use Open API of UniPro GenomeBrowser and Trolltech QT library as basis for independent modules development.
    All sofware developed in this project is distributed under GNU General Public License and could be used freely by anyone.

    Brief overview of modules
  • Find ME - search and predict LTR mobile elements(ME) in DNA sequence.
  • HMM Search - search signals in dna and protein sequences using Hidden Markov Models.
  • ORF Marker - simple tool to find ORFs in selected sequence regions.
  • WEB Annotate - analyze sequence regions by using available Internet databases.
  • Classifier - group a set of given sequences.
  • GraphIt - pack of sequence statistical algorithms implementations.

  •  Announcement
    Febrary, 17, 2006
    Find ME 1.0 plugin released.
    Search and predict LTR mobile elements in DNA sequences.
    April, 10, 2005
    The site is lauched!
     News & Events
    September, 29, 2005
    ORF Marker plugin updated to version 1.1.
    GenomeBrowser 1.1 version compatible.
    September, 29, 2005
    HMM Search plugin 1.1 released.
    GenomeBrowser 1.1 compatibility + bugfixing.
    April, 24, 2005
    The first version of HMM Search plugin released
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